Blogging on the brain?!

My friend, Samir, in his blog posted about artificial vision; he attended a thesis presentation that used some new technologies that would read brain waves produced by body gestures and would perform pre-defined actions. He was impressed by the fact that you can read brain waves, and consequently questioned the possibility of WRITING to the brain. I am sure many have heard of a bionic … Continue reading Blogging on the brain?!

God’s message: PEACE!!! (Part 2)

I should have written Part 2, within a few days after Part 1, but I got quite busy at work. Anyways, better late than never! I ended Part 1 saying that I had some doubts that my dream about lacking “Inner Peace” was from God, but later that day I received an email from a friend of mine with some nice thoughts about Joseph interpreting the baker and butler’s dreams … Continue reading God’s message: PEACE!!! (Part 2)