The Trinity and the Gift of the Holy Spirit

I started reading a book called “The Gift of the Holy Spirit” by Fr. Tadros Malaty. It is a true eye opener to the precious gift “The Holy Spirit” that dwells within us.

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5 verses that may help you stop procrastination

One of the weaknesses that I can’t seem to overcome is procrastination, so I decided to see what the Bible says about it. The first hit on google is an article by Rick Warren titled Why do I Procrastinate? It simply shows that there are 5 reasons for procrastination: Indecision. “he is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways” (James 1:8) Perfectionism. “He who observes the … Continue reading 5 verses that may help you stop procrastination

Book Release – Jonah: The Inside Story

The book is finally out! I am so happy to announce that the book is finally out. I’ve been working on it for a while now, and at last the book has seen light! What is in this ebook? (1) Meditations about Jonah: His personality, His actions, and His prayer. (2) What early Church fathers’ have to say about him. (3) Simple illustrations. How is … Continue reading Book Release – Jonah: The Inside Story

Preorder the new ebook, “Jonah: The Inside Story”

I am about to finish a new book about Jonah the prophet. It should be released on the 1st of February, just before the fast of Jonah, which is a fast observed by most Orthodox churches. The good news is you can pre-order it now! Some questions you might think of: Why would you write  a book? Just write in your blog! Well, I have … Continue reading Preorder the new ebook, “Jonah: The Inside Story”

Pray out your sins!

In my earlier in my Prayer 101 post, I tried stressing the point that prayer was never about the beauty of the words nor the length of prayer. Prayer is really as simple as a hug to a father; you can not hug your father incorrectly. There is no right and wrong to it. Each of us must really work hard to resist the urge to complicate it.

Don’t take pride in well-crafted prayers. Don’t apologize for incoherent prayers.

– Max Lucado

It is really funny, when you hear about a new trend in prayer, or people coming up with new techniques for a prayer. However much thought was put into the crafting of these methods, it is just not right! Jesus deemphasized the importance of the length and eloquence of the words when He said, they think that they will be heard for their many words.” (Matthew 6:7)

I ended the post with a small exercise of praying the Lord’s pray (Our Father) every morning and every evening. For today’s post I will try to add a small bit (actually a huge one) to the exercise. We’ll add repentance!

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