The Holy Spirit and the Communion with God

A man watches a bird flying, and wishes to fly himself, but he cannot, because he has no wings. Even so the will is present (see Romans 7:18) that a man be pure, blameless, without spot, to have no wickedness in him, and to be always with God; he has no power to fly into the air of God. The liberty of the Holy Spirit may be his wish, but unless wings are given to him, he cannot. Let us then beseech God to bestow upon us the wings of a dove (the Holy Spirit), that we may fly to Him and be at rest (see Psalm 55:6), and that He would separate and make to cease from our souls and bodies, that evil wind, which is the sin that dwells in the members of our souls and bodies. None but He can do it.

ٍٍSt. Macarius the Great

Without the Holy Spirit we are strangers from God; the Holy Spirit grants us the unity with the Father through the Son. As Origin once said, “It is impossible to become partakers of the Father or of the Son without the Holy Spirit.

Communion with the Father

It is through the Father’s grace that we are granted the Holy Spirit, and it is through the Holy Spirit’s grace that we are granted the adoption to the Father.

Communion with the Son

Jesus promised us (His church) to receive the Holy Spirit to dwell in us (see John 16:7, 14), and at the same time the Holy Spirit prepares us to receive Jesus Christ as our Heavenly Groom (see Revelation 22:17)

May the bonding power of the Holy Spirit be with us and grant us the communion with the Father through the Son.


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