From Craddle to Grave, Repentance will Save!

Three days ago, I celebrated my birthday … (YAAAAY!! :))

Four days ago, I attended a relative’s funeral … 😦

Five days ago, I attended her sister’s funeral … 😦 😦

I know this is life, but I felt God telling me “YOU NEED TO STOP AND THINK ABOUT YOUR OWN LIFE!!!

How have I lived?

Not so good, I guess. But I said to myself it wasn’t as bad as St. Moses the black or the Thief on the cross, they repented and all sins were gone. So, have I repented? Yes? Was it real repentance? A repentance that would clean all my past and keep me from sinning in the future?

Have I done anything to be proud of?

Not just that I be proud of, but my parents to be proud of, my friends to be proud of, my God to be proud of? Were my 26 years useless?

Will I spend eternity with God in heaven?

Will my faith and works lead me to the place I want to end up in? Another question, do I really want to go there, or is it just the better of two bad options? I don’t want to be torchered for eternity, so at least in heaven it’s better! Will there ever be a day that I may share St. Paul the “desire to depart and be with Christ” (Philippians 1:23)?

Then came the big question, how will I spend the rest of my life?

I know the perfect answer!! Like what Deb mentioned in her poem, it would be “a time for mourning, staying at God’s side” … but not only mourning for those who have gone astray, but for myself, trying to live a life of repentance, and asking for God’s continuous forgiveness.

I know, I know .. This is the perfect answer! But again, we were called to live a perfect life (Matthew 5:48) .. why not try?!

Besides, I won’t be the first to try, David lived a life of repentance! Although God forgave David, he still said, “my sin is always before me” (Psalm 51:3)

Life is our chance for repentance!

An old Coptic monk was asked on his death bed, what he was asking God for, he replied back, “for one more day”, sarcastically he was asked back what will one extra day do, he answered “I’ll cry for my sins and repent, because my sins are many”.

May we all live a life of continuous repentance!


19 thoughts on “From Craddle to Grave, Repentance will Save!

  1. I understand the moment you’re living 🙂 We all should ask these questions on “DAILY” basis…
    Thank you for reminding us!
    Just to mention,
    I guess yes, God is proud of you bro 🙂 Remember the Yellow Mountain, the lives you affected and are still affecting..
    لأن الله ليس بظالم حتى ينسى عملكم،
    ولا محبتكم له التي ظهرت في أنكم خدمتم المؤمنين ولا تزالون تخدمونهم.
    (عبرانيين 6:10)

  2. Thanks Mike! I just hopped on your blopg from Deb’s. May we all live lives of repentance. As for the perfection thing… just as I rely on Jesus to forgive me I rely on Him to perfect me and bless God he is at work within me. I am a new creation and the old has passed away!

    1. Thanks Jelillie for following my Blog 🙂
      You’re right, perfection can’t be achieved without His blessings! You take a step towards perfection, He carries you through the rest 🙂
      Ps. I followed your Blog, I love the way you write!

    1. I was just talking with a friend of mine about life, and he thought that a daily reflection about life and whether he spent his day fulfilling his life goal would be a practical way for living repentance.
      Thanks, Kevin, for dropping by 🙂 I’d love to read more of your comments 🙂

  3. Mike, praying for you at the loss of relatives, so close together . . .and then your birthday. Gave you a lot to think about, for sure. You are an amazing young man and I’m so thankful for your witness and desire to seek Him and live a life of repentance and turning to Him. We can’t go wrong doing that. God bless you and yours today!

    1. Thanks, Walter … God has been comforting us and never left us.
      It’s just that the events triggered in me, as you said, to number my days 🙂
      Thanks for the comment, and welcome to my blog! 🙂

      1. “As well as ourselves.” I actually think the things I write and share with others are God’s way of talking to me. I write my encouragements well ahead of the day I post them, and many times when I read them the day they are posted, I am awed at how they seem to be speaking directly to me.
        Keep on doing what you do, Mike. You bless people!

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