The importance of Jesus’ name

A very strange tradition, not only in the Coptic Orthodox Church (read more), but in all Churches, is the calling of Jesus’ name.

Before going into the importance and history of Jesus’ name, we must first establish that it is a Biblical commandment.

“Whatever you ask in My name, that I will do.” (John 14:13; see also 14:14, 15:16, 16:23, 16:24, 16:26)

This command has led many Christians to end their prayers with phrases like “in Jesus’ name” or “through Christ Jesus our Lord”.

Other than in prayers, Jesus also asked that His name be used in good works!

“Whoever receives one little child like this in My name receives Me.” (Matthew 18:5)

“For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.” (Matthew 18:20)

In this post, I will try to show the importance of praying and acting in Jesus’ name, and if God permits, I will be publishing more posts about the same topic.

In Jesus’ name is simply acting on His behalf 

I’m sure many of us have done something on behalf of someone, something like sending an email on behalf of your parents.

David Reagan over at sumarized the implications of acting on someone’s behalf in two simple yet crucial points:

  1. You are not coming in your own authority but because someone else authorized you to take these actions. 
  2. The person to whom you come is expected to react to you, not on the basis of who you are, but as if the person who sent you was there himself.

Having these two implications in mind:

  1. It makes sense that we can call God, “Father”, because we talk to God as though we were Jesus (His only-begotten Son).
  2. It makes sense that God will listen and answer to our prayers, because God will not react on the basis of who I am, a sinner, but who Jesus is.

May we all pray and act in Jesus’ name!


9 thoughts on “The importance of Jesus’ name

  1. Thank you, Mike, for a great post. It was easy to understand and not too long . . .and about Jesus name. How can you go wrong there? 🙂 God bless you and yours!

  2. Thank you for visiting my Blog and it is very nice to meet you. Excellant post. I really love the last line where you mention “It makes sense that God will listen and answer to our prayers, because God will not react on the basis of who I am, a sinner, but who Jesus is.”. It really goes back to the scripture that talks about how none can come to the Father except through the Son (John 6:44). When we acknowledge the Son, Jesus Christ, God sees us as well.

  3. HI Miko, i dont know when will you see this, 1- i miss you enta we Irinie, 2- i want to use some of the stuff that u share here, can I? Thanks

    1. Hey Sherry 🙂 How are you?
      I miss you!!
      You are more than welcome to use anything from the Blog. You don’t even need to give credits or references. Just use it 🙂
      Send me an email with your contacts, I want to call you.

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