Blogging on the brain?!

My friend, Samir, in his blog posted about artificial vision; he attended a thesis presentation that used some new technologies that would read brain waves produced by body gestures and would perform pre-defined actions.

He was impressed by the fact that you can read brain waves, and consequently questioned the possibility of WRITING to the brain.

I am sure many have heard of a bionic arm or bionic leg, but what about a bionic eye? I found out that a bionic eye actually exists, you can read more about it at wikipedia.

The difference is that a bionic arm and a bionic leg can only read what the person wants to do, but it can’t write back what the feeling of the ground is, or what the person is holding in his hand.

If writing to the brain was made possible, I imagine you can learn Chinese without opening a single book! The possibilities are limitless!!!

But, I have some worries…

If I could write to the brain,

  1. could people make “viruses” that would put unwanted information to the brain?
  2. if I were blind and used a bionic eye, could someone fake the reality and embed some unreal images to what is actually there?
  3. if I were deaf and used bionic ears, could someone make me hear things that are not actually being said?
  4. could people turn my brain into their personal blogs, where I can’t control what to believe and what not to? That’s basically turning into zombies!!!

Can you imagine what evil things could be done?

Just like dynamite, the nuclear bomb, and many other inventions … Once again, a noble purpose, but in hands of evil-doers would end in chaos.


2 thoughts on “Blogging on the brain?!

  1. u know what… that made me think even more!!
    everything is possible at that point. But the fact that you are helping some one disabled still remains. There is always a dark side of everything that we do… the thing is whether to decide to use it for good or evil!

    1. I agree…
      It’s just that with computers and information, I don’t believe anything is secure.
      I remember while working with Excel once, I tried every possible technique to lock my code. I would simply google my technique, and the first hit would be the key.
      Since then I no longer perceive the words “information” and “security” together 😦 … Sad though!

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