God’s message: PEACE!!! (Part 2)

I should have written Part 2, within a few days after Part 1, but I got quite busy at work. Anyways, better late than never!

I ended Part 1 saying that I had some doubts that my dream about lacking “Inner Peace” was from God, but later that day I received an email from a friend of mine with some nice thoughts about Joseph interpreting the baker and butler’s dreams (Genesis 40), and that when I read the verse that said, “do not interpretations (of dreams) belong to God?” (Genesis 40:8 NKJV) that I felt God telling me that it was Him who sent the dream, and it was also Him who interpreted it.

The story goes on …

That weekend I went to church, and to my surprise the title of the talk was ” How to obtain Inner Peace”. At that moment, I was sure that it was a message from God.

The talk was simply beautiful,  each and every word of it touched me. The speaker said that to obtain “Inner Peace” there are 5 things to do. I don’t wan to make this post long so I’ll only talk about one of them, “FREEDOM”.

This point is actually very difficult on the practical side, the speaker said that we should set free from EVERYTHING. He said that when one emotionally let goes of things he/she holds on hard to, losing them doesn’t affect the person any more. If you are really attached to your car, losing your car will affect you. If you are attached to your parents, losing your parents will affect you. One of the attendees interrupted him saying, “so, are you asking us to let go of our emotions and feelings, and turn into robots?”, the speaker said “No, but I want you to be rational and find the better good.” He then told a story about a saint, called St. Dolagy; she was martyred during one of the persection periods in Egypt (I’m not quite sure when exactly). It was said that she had four children, and that the soldiers captured her and her children to be tortured and killed, if they don’t deny Christ. After a long series of torturing, it came the time that they were going to get killed. She stood up and asked the soldiers to kill her children first, then her.

To many of us, that was pure cruelty, how did she have the courage and strength to ask for such a thing? how could she stand and watch her children get killed right before her eyes? Actually, she stood there encouraging her children not to be afraid and that Christ would be waiting for them, and that she would follow in a bit. She got over her emotions, for the better good. She was afraid that after her death, her children, due to their young age, would deny Christ.

My wife added: Her inner peace gave her the courage to be a true mother with strong motherly emotions (of raising her children in God’s name and making sure they enter the heavenly kingdom), not that inner peace freed her from her motherly emotions, entirely.

After hearing that story, I knew that I really lacked Inner Peace, I am attached to everything and everyone around me. Hopefully, I would someday reach to that level of faith in God and obtain that kind of inner-peace.


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